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                                         DA'S Dance Sessions explained.........


Is a core subject for all Dance styles. It compliments all Dance subjects. It is a fantastic discipline which is vital for all Dancers wishing to further their Dance training.This class leads towards Examinations and Performances. Working towards Examinations & Festivals with Miss Christina.
Slow dance/ Lyrical:
Is a valuable addition to any Dance area. It offers the individual a chance to express themselves through Dance to various lyrical music. This session encourages the development of Self expression, Style and strength. Working towards Competitions and Performances for solo's and troupe work. Pointe work training is part of this class.


Street Dance/Freestyle:

Uses popular Dance moves with modern, in trend music. Along with Freestyle Street Dance incorporates energetic, hi impact moves such as spins, runs, leaps, jumps and kicks. Freestyle also uses various Head, Arm and hand movements to fast energetic beats. Freestyle & Street classes offer training towards IDTA Examinations and Competitions. Routines for Performances are also choreographed in these sessions. 




 Baby Feet Introduction to Dance session:

A fun filled introduction to Dance session . An energetic interesting class for children between 3-5 years. Freestyle, Modern Dance & Street Dance. The use of props such as instruments, masks, and costumes are used in certain sessions to develop young Dancers and their imagination. Working towards Examinations & Performances. 



 Nursery & Pre school Classes:

 Dance Attack offers these lovely Dance sessions within Nurseries and other Pre school areas. These sessions consist of various Dance styles, Mime & Song & Dance. Our instructors can prepare your children for Examinations & performances.  




This is a disciplined hour long session which aims to improve an individuals flexibility, strength and balance. With the use of various equipment such as hoops, scarves & gymnasic mats students are required to develop key areas such as Tricks, Stunts and various physical balances.  This is a key session for all Dancers.               





Tap & Theatre Craft

IDTA Tap Dance & Theatre

          craft sessions. IDTA Gradings.

               Learn Tap Dance styles &            steps along with Theatre      

(Show business) work