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  Dance Attack's 2011 Showcase 'A night at the movies' Saturday 10th December 2011.

Dance Attack's Showcase 'A night @ The Movies 2011' took place @ The Sutton Coldfield Town Hall in December 2011. Students performed routines from various movies. The performance was a fantasic experience for all involved. The performance was captured on DVD by Treasured Memories.

                                         The Talent Spotlight 2012

Dance Attack were invited to take part in The Talent Spotight @ The Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre in March 2012. This was an amazing event for all those involved. Ths outstanding lighting and sound effects were nothing short of a professional Music Event and the high standard of schools performing on this Date was amazing.

Dance Attack enjoyed the day and performed two routines ' Don't stop the beat' from Hairspray and 'Shawty got moves' from Streetdance 3d. It was a fab day for all involved. The performance was of high quality and the technical side of the performance was amazing. A big thank you to John Paul Lake for all of his hard work and for inviting us to take part in this production. We are looking forward to next performance on June 9th 2013.

IDTA Showcase 2012

DA was lucky enough to win a place in the IDTA Charity Gala event @ The Atrix Theatre, Bromsgrove. Entry to this was via audition. DA performed three routines in this fab performance which gave all DA pupils the chance to mix and perform with other IDTA Schools from the Midlands area.


Chance2Dance 2013 

Dance Attack enjoyed taking part in Chance2dance @ The Birmingham Hippodrome on June 9th 2013. Our Senior Troupe performed 'Animal' a Street Dance Routine and both troupes performed 'Little Shop of Horrors'. All of DA Dancers enjoyed the day. We were lucky enough to meet 'Antics' The Street Dance Troupe and were lucky enough to perform after them on the evening of the performance. 


Cadbury World 2013 

 Dance Attack are looking forward to performing at Cadbury World Saturday June 29th. We are performing with several other Dance schools and troupes at their promotion day. 


Pandora's Box


Dance Attack's Dance School production 2013 @ The Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.


Chance 2Dance 2014

Dance Attack have performed: 'Jai Ho' & 'Telephone mix.'

Chance2dance 2015 

Dance Attack performed two routines @ The Birmingham Hippodrome. 'Salute' & Street Mix.

Christmas Presentation Performance 2016

Dance School Perforamce 2017 @ Sutton Coldfield Theatre Space 15 year celebration